ALTR Created Diamonds

Always a Type IIA

ALTR Created Diamonds are gem-quality diamonds they are all certified Type IIA, exquisitely cut diamonds from 0.01ct to up to 4ct size.
ALTR creates value that enhances the diamond in new ways. Type IIA is the highest certification given to the purest diamonds, and we ensure that all ALTR Created Diamonds have them. The impact that we make through larger carats at better value is completely unique to us.

ALTR master cutters collaborate with our customer insight team at every stage to create exclusive cuts with a strong aesthetic language that add to the diamond’s allure

Born of fire- Born perfect


ALTR Created Diamonds growing process utilizes advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated technology to recreate conditions similar to nature’s force exerted over a billion years approximately 100 miles underground.

ALTR proprietary diamond reactors and processes, built and perfected over 60 years of combined research, use a Type IIA ‘diamond seed’ to create real diamonds. This results in a diamond that is exceptionally beautiful and of higher quality.

The Highest Standards


ALTR Created Diamonds are graded with the same standards as mined diamonds and carry certifications from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL)